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Chrysalis Shipper - Holds 10

Just like our previous and well-known chrysalis shipper that held 100 monarch butterflies, this box has many new and better features and is made of the same sturdy outer cardboard box and specially formulated foam inserts to allow for proper breathing and ventilation of the monarch pupae. For a larger picture, please click HERE. Also includes large round holes in outer box to improve airflow. Holds up to 10 monarch pupae. The selling price is well below the cost we actually paid to create this product. We no longer ship pupae and need the room.

Price: $2.50 (Minimim 10)

Shipping cost is extra and will vary depending on quantity and location. Shopping cart will only show an estimate, however actual shipping charges will be emailed to you via PDF invoice.


Double-Sided Monarch LifeCycle Poster (Laminated)

This monarch butterfly life cycle poster provides an artistic show of the various stages of the monarch along with a fun and educational fact guide. This one-of-a-kind poster combines two perspectives into one. Perfect for classroom display. This laminated version is great for multiple uses. Poster dimensions: 14" X 20"
Price: $11.95 + S/H


Double-Sided Monarch LifeCycle Poster (Non-Laminated)

(same as above, except non-laminated for framing)
Price: $9.95 + S/H


Backyard Bugs CD-ROM (Ages 5-10)

Explore the natural history of the monarch butterfly. Inquire about the monarch's basic needs, structures, life cycle, inherited characteristics and interactions with its environment. Use virtual tools to conduct simple investigations. Use a science journal to record and explain findings.
Price: $22.95 + S/H


Live Butterfly Activity Book

This book is designed to supplement any of the live butterfly kits above. The activities & curriculum in this book help make the most of your live-butterfly classroom experience. Suitable for pre-K to grade 8, these activities are built on the frameworks of the Head Start Program Performance Standards and the National Science Education Standards.
Price: $11.95


Showy Milkweed Seeds - 1 g

"Showy Milkweed" is a hardy perennial plant to help attract monarch butterflies to your butterfly garden.

Price: $13.95