live butterfly releases for weddings, funerals, memorials, and plantable seed paper favors
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Transferring of the butterflies into the mass release container is required. Butterflies are shipped in special "transfer envelopes" designed to make the transfer smooth and easy. Full transferring instructions are including. Butterflies are sold separately.

Viewer and Butterfly Release Cage

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Viewing/release cage (holds up to 8 dozen

           $39.95 (with the purchase of 0-1 dozen butterflies)

           $24.95 (with the purchase of 2-4 dozen butterflies)
  Only $14.95
(with the purchase of 5 dozen or more butterflies)

This is our most elegant butterfly cage yet!  You will not find its equal anywhere.  The unique pop-up  design allows for quick and easy preparation with no assembly required.  Butterflies are easily transferred in through a discreet top opening and can be released by untying the top ribbon.  This cage provides the perfect combination for those who desire to display the beauty of the monarch, but also enjoy the elegance of their flight upon release. Dimensions: 13" x 13" - holding up to 8 dozen butterflies.

Mass Release Box for Butterfly Releases

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Round Mass Release Box (holds up to 4 dozen)

These boxes are perfect for those who would rather release the butterflies "in mass" rather than individually.  Each box is specially designed to keep the butterflies calm & healthy and has a glossy white exterior secured by a luxurious ribbon in the color of your choice (white will be selected if no color choice is specified). Ribbon can easily be detached and replaced if you have your own ribbon. (Additional shipping charges may apply.)

butterfly release wedding package box brides maid bridal

Decorative Floral Boxes

View our assortment of decorative floral boxes and choose from a variety of shapes and designs. Please click HERE to view our complete collection and to place an order.

butterfly release organza clear box

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Square Organza Box (holds up to 4 dozen)

This white clear wire-framed box holds up to 4 dozen monarch butterflies and is perfect for viewing the beautiful colors of the monarch butterfly prior to release. It's small and compact size is perfect for setting on a table or next to the guest book. Then when time for the release, the top can be easily lifted and the butterflies will eagerly take flight. Size: 8" x 8" x 8".

butterfly release organza clear box

Accordion Release Box (holds up to 3 dozen)

This white clear wire-framed box holds the butterflies snug in the folds of the enclosed accordion shapped ribbon. The butterflies are packed ready to spring forth upon the opening of the lid. No transferring of the butterflies is required! Click HERE to see a demonstration of this box in use. Sizes vary, depending on the amount of butterflies ordered.


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butterfly release basket

Basket w/ Butterfly Appliqué - Small (holds up to 4 dozen).........$44.95

Basket w/ Butterfly Appliqué - Medium (holds up to 5 dozen).....$49.95

Basket w/ Butterfly Appliqué - Large (holds up to 8 dozen).........$59.95


We're sorry - this item is no longer available.