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Beautiful Monarch butterflies from Swallowtail Farms

Special projects

Mabank, Texas, Central Elementary School

Spring of 2001

Pictures and words supplied by Marian Flowers,
Mabank Central Elementary School.

Larvae supplied by Swallowtail Farms.

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Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001 1. Delivery-the boxes of larvae were prepared by several students and teachers. They are being delivered to classrooms. We had our first "j" in 7 days.
2. This Monarch would not leave Mrs.Horton's hand. She is our prinicipal and helped during the two releases. Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001
Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001

3. Peyton is the son of our local hardware store owner. They came to see the butterfly house, for which they provided most of the materials. The house is named after them.

4. Rustin was small enough to fit inside the butterfly house for our releases. He was a big help. The whole school gathered for the releases. Butterflies were handed around to students to hold until they took flight. Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001
Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001
Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001

5-8. Rustin and Dakota caught the butterflies inside the house and handed them out to one of the teachers. We released 150 butterflies in two batches about a week apart.

Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001 Mabank, Texas, Spring 2001


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