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Beautiful Monarch butterflies from Swallowtail Farms

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Monarch Watch Tag & Release

City of Grapevine
"Butterfly Flutter-by"
October 17 - 21, 2000

Jacob Groth's Swallowtail Farms east staff delivered adult butterflies and pupae for the City of Grapevine's Butterfly Flutterby, held October 17 through 21, 2000.

Steve and Linda Rogers were assisted by Margarita Perez and Reyna Govea at the center. The 150 Monarch butterflies were tagged and then placed in a large netted display cage located in the city's visitor bureau on Main Street. Monarch pupae were attached to the cage netting so that visitors could watch the miracle of the butterfly unfold right before their eyes. School children and visitors had the opportunity to view the butterflies and pupae from Tuesday until Saturday, the day of the parade and release.

The butterflies were released on Saturday, October 21 after the children's Flutter-By parade, as part of the Monarch Watch tag and release program.

Thanks to Jacob Groth for the beautiful Monarch butterflies and wonderful pupae.

Grapevine Tag & Release Grapevine Tag & Release
Grapevine Tag & Release

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Grapevine Tag & Release
Grapevine Tag & Release City Visitors Bureau Manager, Rick Lott


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